Wyatt Earp Museum

Here Are a Few Displays from
Our Collection.

This case contains replicas of Wyatt's
gun, badge and a few photos of him at
various ages.

This Framed Collection contains photos of
Wyatt's parents, and his close companion
Bat Masterson.

Bottom row, left to right; Warren Earp,
youngest of the Earp boys, Wyatt at
age 75, and James Earp, a Civil
War veteran

This Photo collection is of Wyatt's
family home in Pella, Iowa - which
is now a museum. Wyatt and his father
left Pella in the 1860's on a wagon train
to California.

This collection contains photos of Wyatt in
his 20's, when he was a peace officer in
Dodge City, Kansas; next to him is a
controversial photo of Josie Earp; lower
left shows Wyatt at age 79; on the right
are photos of Morgan Wright who was
killed in an ambush in Tombstone Arizona,
and Virgil Earp who was also wounded in
the ambush, and later became chief of
police in Colton California.
This is a display case which shows mining
artifacts and a copy of our book
Wyatt Earp: The missing years.


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